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If you are reading this, it thrills us to know that you liked our style and our work. We will be absolutely honored to cover your great day and make a beautiful movie out of it, so you can remember and relive those captivating moments forever. We want you to know that we are very glad you are considering us to be a part of your wedding. And if you’re not sure yet, we hope that what you’ll read next will help you decide to choose us.

And with your music selection, we do a very friendly version of the other events: like the getting ready, photo session, cocktail, family and friends, party, and so on, using and highlighting only the best footage and removing the similar shots, to make it attractive at all time and not boring. 

On the USB/Blu-ray, everything is included as you can notice on the next samples, the ceremony, speeches, dances: first dance, father-daughter... are complete, just interchanging cameras. (this for that you don't lose any moment of this coverage, and this is the main factor of the total length of your movie, if the ceremony/speeches are short or long, this reflect the movie duration).


Here are some links for examples of scenes that are included on the Disc/USB besides the Love Story (highlights video)



You must understand that in your Love Story video, not all your friends and family members may appear; we will do our best to include the most important ones like siblings, parents and the bridal party; but the main purpose is to tell a lovely story about you two. On the rest of the coverage all the family members and friends captured on tape will be included for sure.




We will ask for your song selection - but this is mainly to know your music style, so this doesn’t mean that we will use the same songs you provide us. Sometimes we use the same songs, sometimes covers of those songs, and other times we use different songs but similar to the rhythm and style of your music list. This is to make the soundtrack match the movie and the essence of your wedding.  

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