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Los Cabos México wedding video at Hacienda Cocina y Cantina

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The party was a bomb!

Sonya & Hank were so happy. While this moment of the day because both were dancing, they really like to party and have some awesome moves. The groomsmen fooled around with beer until they poured it to one of them between three! You see everyone jumping and dancing. As there wasn’t an end, the best thing was to see them enjoying the fireworks and the bride singing.


What you may think is: everything in them is ordinary.

Don't get us wrong but Sonya & Hank have some more things to show you! They, of course. have more things prepared...


Hacienda Cocina & Cantina is waiting for you; there to receive your guests at the Medano Beach to make it from ordinary to extraordinary.

This Friday afternoon, Paola Gonzalez and Gabriela Curiel from “Marianna Idirin Coordination and Design Events“ as awesome women, harvested the best fruits for the wedding season. They made a big impression as always, nothing is missing when it comes to these events.


Something that caught our attention was how Suzanne Morel and her team came to make up every girl even more pretty.  However, men had a great time trying to dress at its best, which was an accomplished goal!


Have we told you before that here in Land’s End Films we love details? If not, now you know it! Especially from Sonya whose hair had an ornament picked up from fresh red flowers.  Actually, Sonya wanted a flamboyant tree (also known as a flame tree) in her ceremony that she even had it planted at the Medano Beach. She was overwhelmed to see it beside her she literally kissed the trunk. This accompanied by the bouquets was decorated in white and red roses along with amaranth, scabies, and mini mums.


Griffin Jones was prepared to officiate the wedding, sharing in a funny way some thoughts, such as his love-hate relation with Mexico & uncountable experiences he had around the pair.


"It was then in that moment that I realized, that when your friend’s mom decides that she can use you the same way your own mother would, that’s when you know you’re part of the family forever. So Sonya, welcome.

-Griffin Jones


Yet the ceremony had just started, and the bride’s sister; Vanessa Hurd approach next to Griffin to dedicate some supporting words for the couple. After that, one thing we realized was full of truth is when Griffin said: 


We enjoyed the time Sonya’s sister had to speak a little bit of her! Especially when she spoke about her birth in Sonya’s second birthday and how beyond the differences, brotherhood or sisterhood is something outstanding. Is like a person two in one that will never stop from giving its support. After that, William Denman as the best friend of the groom also gave us an idea of the sweet groom! Since he was 9 years old he has known Hank! Imagine all the adventures they’ve had, for us is unbelievable.


Ginah A. Eastwood

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